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We are Mens Gold Boxx.

We’re a family run business set out to LOVE the Great and Tall men of the world. We’re engineers, Veterans, gamers, artists, computer nerds, fashionistas, sis-gendereds, and queers. There is no reason fashion for XXL men should be as far behind as it is, and why? Because most designers are sizeist and don’t want to cut their designs bigger? Because manufacturers don’t want to use more fabric to avoid higher costs? Because retailers for some reason just wants to ignore all the mighty sexy men of the world?… Well we call “Bullsh*t” to all that nonsense. We’ve partnered with an international luxury menswear house to design and manufacture our clothing so that you can have the nicest threads around. We’ve taken extensive care to produce our fits, and we continue to update our fit sizing as we receive more information because if we’re not constantly striving to improve than we’re no different than any other brand. Our commitment is to quality, we promise to make beautiful clothing you’ll love wearing and feel great in that won’t fall apart in one season and litter a landfill forevermore (we love the outdoors.) Our commitment is to listening, we decided to serve only the “Big and Tall” market for a reason, well two reasons really. 1) We lost our own Great man this year and wanted to create something meaningful from that to honor him, 2) we think focusing is key to producing a better end result. If we cut out all the average sized noise, we can hear your needs better and adapt more quickly. Most importantly, our commitment is to our clients, we promise to be good people who treat you with respect, and we’re REALLY hoping that catches on 😉

We sell individual pieces and subscriptions and NEVER charge a “styling fee” for any of our boxes .We’re NEVER going to send you clothes that don’t have style, and it just sounds like a hidden fee to us, which feels like no way to treat your friends. You’ll always receive fast quality shipping at our $5 flat rate. FREE returns and exchanges along with no-hassle cancellations.

That’s a little bit about us, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us, or drop us some love with a review or a social share. #MGBXX

The world needs more Great men like you, thanks for being our friend,

<3 The MGBXX Fam

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