Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Big and Tall men’s luxury clothing subscription site… but we like to think of ourselves as Queer Eye in a box for “Great and Tall” men.
We sell XL to 4XL. We also have 3 different fit silhouettes within those sizes and sizing technology to help you get your “close to custom” Fit. Our mission is to get you looking and feeling great in the best fitting clothing possible. 
Not to worry, We will work with you to get you a size that fits or we’ll send you a label to return your items for a full refund, minus shipping. 
Understandable. We think we’re crushing the fashion game but if you just don’t find us up to snuff or stylish to your taste, we’ll send you a label to return your items for a full refund, minus shipping. 
Nope, we are all online for your convenience 🙂
We know shopping for big and tall men has sucked in the past. We decided to take a completely different approach when manufacturing our product by looking at this from the perspective of the gents wearing our garments.  We cut new silhouettes to reflect the real shapes of men, updated all the fabrics to breathable, high thread count, gorgeous to the touch silks, bamboos, polys, and cottons that with enhance your experience of getting dressed and being in clothing. And if you don’t think we did a good enough job, we’re happy to hear your feedback and give you your money back.
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